Aircrew Training

Aircrew Reference Materials
Mission Scanner Reference
Mission Observer & Mission Pilot Reference
Mission Pilot Presentation

Airborne Photographer Reference - Task Guide - Presentation

Aircrew & Flightline Task Guide

Operational Mission Inflight Guide
Recon System User Guide

60-1 - CAP Flight Management
60-3 - ES Training and Operational Missions

Basic Aircrew Information
60-1 Review
Aircraft Ground Handling requires eServices login
Crewmember Duties & Responsibilities
Aircraft Familiarization
Crew Resource Management
Step Though a Typical Mission

Visual Search
Scanning Techniques and Sighting Characteristics

Visual Search Patterns & Procedures
Search Planning and Coverage
G1000 Search Procedures

Electronic Search
Electronic Search

IFR ELT Search
Prosecuting 406 Distress Beacons
Becker DF Presentation
Becker DF Manual

WX & Navigation

High Altitude & Terrain Considerations
Navigation & Position Determination

Support Files
Nikon View NX and Transfer Programs
Powerpoint Viewer Program


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