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Midwest flood response
Senior member awards for May 2010
CAP pilots fly as surrogate Predators
CAP assists with Amalgam Dart 09
CAP realigns with Holm Center
Bills in House, Senate to increase CAP Homesec role
Air Force fighter pilot cites CAP role in shaping career

CAP-USAF realignment benefits America’s youth
CAP at Sixty
CAP national commander shares Flag Day message
Pilot reminisces on CAP resuce 40 years ago
New CAP aircraft callsign PDF 352K

Hope for 121.5

Aircraft re-registration requirement on horizon
DOT’s draft five-year plan all but ignores GA
FAA orders pitot tube replacements
NBAA light aircraft focus
FAA data sharing work saves millions
Scientists research ways to move birds out of aircraft path



Free tutoring for deployed Military personnel and families
Special AAFES offers for good students
Many colleges pass on GI Bill 'Ribbon'


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