Civil Air Patrol Mission

As the USAF Auxiliary, our members conduct 95% of the search and rescue [SAR] missions conducted over the continental United States, and 80% of total missions tasked by USAF Northern Command.

As the emergency services squadron for Catskill Mountain Group, NY413 conducts a variety of missions for the US Air Force, as well as federal, state, and local agencies.

SAR missions look for downed aircraft, lost persons, or transmitting ELTs, and saved 113 lives nationwide in 2010. Disaster relief missions support agencies conducting operations throughout the United States. 54 CAP aircraft supporting the oil spill recovery flew 2,379 hours over the Gulf of Mexico; CAP air and ground crews worked 118 days, providing 20,000 man-hours of service in the Gulf. Homeland security, reconnaissance, and counter-drug missions are also part of the CAP mission portfolio.

Here's what senior USAF leaders have to say:

"The AF Auxiliary is a force multiplier and plays a large part in the success of the AFNORTH mission.  I continue to be amazed at the true professionalism and dedication of the CAP  volunteers  --  from the senior leaders down to the cadets, the service provided to the USAF is outstanding."

-- Maj Gen Gary Dean, Commander AFNORTH

“The CAP, in its AF Auxiliary role, is being recognized as an "Air Force Air component" as important to our nation and our mission as the Guard and Reserve components. The AFAux does the majority of the day-to-day USAF DSCA missions; from search and rescue to aerial imagery and Federal Agency support. Their volunteers are true patriots - immediately available for tasking and providing quick response to our requirements - they have never failed us. The USAF could not do its DSCA and Homeland Defense missions without the CAP.”

-- Maj Gen Hank Morrow, Former Commander AFNORTH

“I encourage all Air Force leaders who deal with contingency actions to take a close look at CAP augmentation during operations. Their skill set and capabilities are a smart addition to a commander’s overall toolkit. You’ll certainly find CAP is a value-added partner.”

-- Lt Col Keith Kenne, Deputy Commander 14th Mission Support Group


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