New Members - read this before submitting your application
Intro to CAP Core Values, Ethics & Safety Policies, Mentoring

Download the CAP application
Type and print out both pages, but do not sign until you meet
with the squadron commander - you'll also need your fingerprints on a
CAP supplied FD258 card, and checks payable to Civil Air Patrol [$60]
and NYW CAP NY413 [$25]

Begin Level I training below when you receive your CAPID number

Professional Development - Level I
First, create an eServices account

Next, upload a photo of yourself for use on your ID card
Click here [then click blue button] to print a temporary ID card

Then, complete or read the following:

Level 1 Orientation Course
- Level 1 Orientation Guide
Respect On Display: Customs and Courtesies
Basic Risk Management
Aircraft Ground Handling
General Emergency Services
- Old GES material for review

Begin work on the following once you complete Level 1:

FEMA ICS courses
- IS-100 & IS-700 - for Mission Scanner
- IS-200 - for Mission Observer & Mission Pilot
- IS-800 - for Air Operations Branch Director & above

ES Continuing Education
- CAP Test 117 part 2 - for Aircrews
- CAP Test 117 part 3 - for Mission Base staff
- CAP Test 117 part 1 - for Ground Teams

Professional Development - Level II

Complete Level I

Attain a Technician Rating in a specialty track
- tell the PDO or Commander when you select a specialty track

Complete CAP Officer Basic Course

Attend Squadron Leadership School

Professional Development - Level III

Complete Level II

Serve in a command or staff position for at least one year

Attend two conferences [wing / region / national]

Attain a Senior Rating in a specialty track

Earn the Yeager Award

Attend Corporate Learning Course

Professional Development - Level IV

Complete Level III

Serve in a command or staff position for a total of at least two years

Do either of the following
- Prepare and deliver a CAP presentation to a non-CAP group
- Conduct a hands-on unit AE program OR an external AE clasroom program

Serve as director or staff for a CAP course or conference [wing / region / national]

Attain a Master Rating in a specialty track

Attend Region Staff College or its PME equivalent

Professional Development - Level V

Complete Level IV

Serve in a command or staff position for a total of at least three years

Serve as director or staff for CAP course IAW CAPR 50-17 para. 7-1
- in addition to Level 4 requirement

Attend National Staff College or its PME equivalent

Mentor a senior member through the Technician Rating in their specialty track


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