Tubular clouds defy explanation article, photos
Storm clouds at MGJ by David Krieger
How not to fly straight and level article, photos, videos

Videos - CAP

History Channel / Tactical to Practical 3:15
CNN / Defending America 4:53

CAP NHQ / More Than Meets the Skies2:31
CAP NHQ / Missions for America 2:54

Videos - Aviation
Oshkosh / Airventure 2009 5:01

History Channel / Heavy Metal - F-15 lands after mid-air 5:55
F-16 Startup - Pilot POV
F-16 Air Show Practice - Pilot POV 5:24
F-16C Overview by Chief Test Pilot Kevin Dwyer 10:02

NatGeo Channel / CVN-76 Reagan Flight Ops
CVN-65 Enterprise Flight Ops 2:28
CVN-65 Enterprise Tiger Cruise 2007 10:10
T-45 Initial Carrier Qual CVN-69 Eisenhower - Pilot POV 8:06
T-45 Carrier Trap - Backseater POV 1:28
F/A-18 Carrier Trap - Pilot POV 0:11


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